About Us

Zuckerberg Institute is devoted to entrepreneurship training and support in communities throughout the world. Our Masters, Mentors, and Members have built real billion-dollar businesses. Zuckerberg Institute is dedicated to helping you do the same.

Over the past 30 years, established businesses have closed at a faster rate than new businesses have emerged to replace them.  As GDPs, global productivity and wealth generation more broadly increase, more wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of fewer people and barriers to entry get only higher for those who would seek to compete.  More than one in three entrepreneurs reports being depressed. Entrepreneurs report stress at significantly higher levels than their counterparts in corporate employment.  And while late-stage venture dollars skyrocket, seed funding has been imploding for years. If we don’t act now, entrepreneurship and its myriad of benefits will largely become a footnote to history.  

We at the Zuckerberg Institute find opportunity in this problem of problems. After all, what better way to incentivize a global revolution than to turn this crisis in entrepreneurship into business growth that works for all.