Online Intensives

If you are anything like us, you are tired of webinars and online intensives being peddled by every program out there.They promise great results, but ultimately leave you with no actionable steps to take in your business. Predictably, entrepreneurs are left scrambling for genuine mentorship.

With this in mind, we developed online intensives for entrepreneurs who are sick of the status quo. We bring in real experts, giving you legit and actionable advice. We have great conversations, answer direct questions, and more importantly, we provide the hard skills necessary to take your business to the next level. And unlike any other intensive or webinar, we guarantee accountability for an affordable rate.

In-Person Intensives

At ZI, we created intimate events that allow members to work directly with Randi and her team. ZI members have access to a network of successful mentors who have been there, done that, and whose goal is to help learn how to do—or not do—what it takes to be successful.  

We created in-person intensives with no special requirements for eligibility—anyone can join! It doesn’t matter if you’re building your own business or simply need a refresher in how to grow your personal brand, with Zuckerberg Institute you can maximize all your entrepreneurial skills alongside successful mentors who will offer the same advice and encouragement that helped them grow their own million (and billion) dollar businesses.