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An entrepreneur training network for mid-career business leaders who are sick of the status quo. We provide accountability, educational, and action-oriented resources from masters and mentors who have built real billion-dollar businesses.


About Us

Zuckerberg Institute is devoted to training your entrepreneurial mindset. Our Masters, Mentors, and Members have built real billion-dollar businesses. Zuckerberg Institute is dedicated to helping you do the same.

Founded by Randi Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook Live, DOT Complicated, New York Times Best-Selling author and founder of Zuckerberg Media, Zuckerberg Institute provides educational, inspirational, and action-oriented resources to embrace how to live your life as an entrepreneur.

We are here to help a new generation of thinkers, innovators, and women to begin to scale their ideas and businesses within a new marketplace of global opportunity and corporate competition.


The Zuckerberg Institute Team

The Zuckerberg Institute Team

Our Masters

Founding Members of Zuckerberg Institute

Founding Members of Zuckerberg Institute

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You need the right message for the right moment, to grow as a leader and to scale your business.  Our business, education, and media experts will inspire you to aspire and achieve in new ways, always. Together, we rise.