Space is extremely limited

#FirstClass is your point of entry into the Zuckerberg Institute.

Founded by entrepreneur, investor, award-winning producer, international bestselling author and CEO/founder of Zuckerberg Media, Randi Zuckerberg, #FirstClass provides expert knowledge, experience, support and opportunity for entrepreneurs the world over.

#FirstClass exists to empower and enrich a new generation of entrepreneurs. If you’re building a business alone, transitioning into a new career, or ready to take the next step in your company-#FirstClass is for you.

#FirstClass is a cost-effective course. Designed to build a community of accountability to expand and support your entrepreneurial mindset, #FirstClass encourages you to take risks and scale your business.

Entrepreneurs are a major driving force of wealth generation and job creation in our global economy; and yet

  • 1 in 3 entrepreneurs suffer from depression and express loneliness in their work when polled,

  • Entrepreneurs are more worried and stressed than all other workers, leading to fatigue and failure, and

  • An entrepreneur’s confidence usually only thinly veils a dire need of structure, moral support and industry-specific guidance.

To combat these problems, Randi and the ZI team created the best possible solution-#FirstClass.

#FirstClass is a six week, 90-min per week, intimate online course led by the mentors of the Zuckerberg Institute. #FirstClass trains you to adopt the mindset necessary to thrive as a successful entrepreneur. This course teaches the Institute’s core curriculum of #Enrichuals (habits & exercises) guaranteed to increase your value, while introducing you to a small, dedicated team of peers.


  • 90-min weekly Zoom call with ZI Mentors and an intimate community of peers (strictly limited to 6 participants per session)

  • Two goal setting workshops with Randi’s personal coaches

  • Weekly messages of inspiration and motivation from Randi and the ZI Team

  • A system of accountability that works to keep you on track to meet your goals

  • The skills to hack social media, and leverage and establish your personal brand

  • The fundamentals on how to effectively network and grow your business


In #FirstClass you will be working alongside peers and mentors who are dealing with similar struggles and successes. Together, you will take action and be held accountable within a supportive community.

Do you think you need an MBA and can’t afford it? Get real-world skills and support from world-renowned entrepreneurs for a fraction of the cost of an MBA. Join us!

When you join #FirstClass, we #RISETOGETHER.

From all of us here at the Institute, we are thrilled to have you on board. We look forward to these first six weeks, and to the brightest possible future together. Welcome to the family.



* Participation in #FirstClass is by invitation only, and shall be defined as no less than 80% presence in all weekly sessions. Should a participant have a conflict at an appointed time and therefore miss all or any portion the weekly session, he or she should contact with all due immediacy the session’s mentor for opportunities to make up the time or session. Mentors shall make a reasonable effort to place that participant in a comparable class that week, but shall in no way be obligated to do so. Should no mutually-agreeable opportunities for rescheduling be available, and the participant shall be deemed to have missed the session. Participants who miss more than 1 in 6 sessions may be subject to the revocation of titles and opportunities as outlined herein. All transactions are non-refundable, and as this is an exclusive offer to hand-selected participants, this offer for participation is non-transferrable to any other party.

** #FirstClass participants' future participation within the Institute are and shall remain at the sole discretion of the Zuckerberg Institute and its managers according to, but in no way limited to, plans and obligations put forth hereafter to define standards, benchmarks and other qualifying actions to be taken by participants.

*** By agreeing to participate in #FirstClass, participants acknowledge that the Zuckerberg Institute is in no way obligated to provide future earnings opportunities, make investments, or render any other future service whatsoever to participants than those services defined as #FirstClass, a 6-week, web-based seminar series.