We are here to help a new generation of thinkers, innovators, and women to start, sustain and scale their ideas and businesses within a new marketplace of global opportunity and corporate competition.


Liban Rashid, Somalia

As a former refugee, I appreciate the Zuckerberg institute for helping me gain experiential knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. The kind of knowledge I gained is something that you can’t get in a classroom. It gave me the confidence to live my life as entrepreneur and as a new citizen of the United States.

Ellie Gould, Australia

The Zuckerberg Institute is completely unique as an entrepreneur school and community. #FirstClass is the foundational course that entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurs to be!) will complete and then enjoy the benefits of being part of the community.  What sets Zuckerberg Institute apart is not only proximity to Randi, her COO Jim Augustine and Randi’s personal coaches who have so much to offer but this is a practical, blueprint if you like about what a entrepreneur should in their business, their daily lifestyle and all in a values driven environment. 



Sebastian Grube, Abu Dhabi

#FirstClass has transformed the way I think about my artistry and the way approach life. While I have built a solid routine and strong beliefs that propel me forward each day, the commitment to genuineness is what truly sets Zuckerberg Institute and its members apart. My dedication to taking action and staying true to who I am and who I want to be is only as strong as it is because I can trust that everyone in ZI will hold me accountable and inspire me to be a better leader and human being each day.