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#FirstClass is your point of entry into the Zuckerberg Institute - a new initiative dedicated to changing the face of innovation, one empowered entrepreneur at a time.

#FirstClass is an 8-week, 90-min per week, intimate online seminar series led by founding members of the Zuckerberg Institute. This intro seminar series will teach the Zuckerberg Institute’s core curriculum of #Enrichuals or best practices for global leaders, while introducing you to a small, dedicated team of partners in your growth and development. 

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A short introduction to a brave new world of innovation, investing, and incredible wealth generation, this podcast will prepare you to dazzle any meeting with your knowledge of the fast-growing crypto industry.



I have a belief about life and success that I am 100% certain is true.

If you want something, there is one thing that you must always do...

You may dismiss this simple thought. You may get angry at me or even yourself when you read this, but I am going to give you some SUPER-TRUTH!


Here it comes...




That's it.

Of course you will get frustrated and of course you will make mistakes and not be perfect. And of course you won't get results as fast or as much as you want.

But, the single defining characteristic that will determine your results and your success is SHOWING UP, time and time again over a significant time.

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-Brian (Co-Founder of Zuckerberg Institute)



In 2013, I was in South India researching and training in Kalaripayattu (the world’s oldest martial art) with my master teacher, Sivakumar Gurukkal. Every morning we would wake up at 5:00 AM to practice yoga. One time, I remember he turned to me and said, “You must have a personal practice, Michael. You must have ritual. If not, your mind will go like this (he motioned his hand like a sign wave), but if you show up everyday, slowly your mind will go like this" (he motioned his hands with a smaller sign wave).  

What Gurukkal taught me so long ago has become a foundation for our work at Zuckerberg Institute.  Every morning, together as a community, we ask ourselves to get quiet. We want to constantly ask how we can better live our lives as entrepreneurs.

Some call it meditation, some call it contemplation, we say, “get quiet and listen”.

From experience, so many we’ve worked with have learned that Gurukkal was right.  When you show up to a practice and listen, your mind is able to handle the peaks and valleys better.  

So, as we move throughout our tough days, take a moment for yourself in the chaos to sit and listen.  Perhaps you will, like I often do, be reminded of Rumi’s words:

“The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,

Because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.”

We hope you have a wonderful day and take time to listen to the “guides from beyond”.

-Michael (Co-Founder of Zuckerberg Institute)